NJC to Joshua Tree Oct 2012

Leaving Ventura County on Halloween day, Ben and I decided to first stop at New Jack City for a day of sport climbing and  to be able to avoid the night time shenanigans typical of Halloweens spent at Josh.


After a somewhat lackluster time at NJC we packed up and moved on to Joshua Tree. With good weather on our side we decided to jump on quite a few routes that we had long talked about trying. Highlights include onsights of Winds of Whoopee 5.11a and Symbolic of Life 5.11a.

IMG_1860 IMG_1819   IMG_1811  IMG_1805 IMG_1786 IMG_1780

Later on in the trip we attempted Sole Fusion 5.12a. Sole Fusion might be one of the more interesting and enjoyable routes either of us have been on in quite a while. Even by Josh sandards the 12a rating seemed stout. While neither one of us managed the redpoint, we will certainly be back to try it again.

Sole_Fusion_Ben_001Sole_Fusion_Buck_002 Sole_Fusion_Buck_001 Ja