Jones The Solution Splitboard

Earlier this winter I decided to take the plunge into the world of splitboarding. As a long time snowboarder and climber it only made sense to finally combine the two. In years past I had been tempted to either make or buy a splitboard but from what many folks told me, the technology for a truly enjoyable ride just wasn’t there. With splitboarding ever growing in popularity, more and more companies are offering production splitboards. After doing my homework I decided on the Jones Solution.

IMG_1894 IMG_1896

Standing at 5’7″ and weighing 143lbs, I chose a 154cm board, while this may not be as big as some people choose to go for their ride, it is the longest board I’ve ever owned. The length thus far has been perfect for me. Skinning has been a breeze, easily breaking trail in powder and plenty of float on the ride down. The length has yet to hold me back in any condition and is short enough to still feel playful

IMG_0545 IMG_0562


The board has directional rocker and magne traction edges, which I find make for a good ride with¬† plenty of control. While I haven’t been able to find an actual weight for the board and have been too lazy to do it myself, this board paired with Karakoram bindings is noticeably lighter than many other splitboard set ups I have held.

As of yet I can say I have no complaints with the board. The board rides likes a normal snowboard and has let me access some truly exceptional backcountry  terrain.